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Learning Outcomes

DigMark will give you an advanced level understanding of core areas of digital marketing. Below are main areas the training will cover. For further details of content, click here.

Search Engine Optimization

This module will show you how to rank a website at top position in the search results in order to bring maximum traffic to the website, while increasing sales of the owner.

Social Media Marketing

This module will teach you how to utilize the power of social media to bring new visitors to a website. You’ll learn how to find out your target audience on different social media channels and market your product/ service effectively.

Paid Marketing

This module will cover the use of paid marketing to bring targeted traffic to a website. You’ll learn how to target a marketing campaign to a very specific set of audience and generate new leads at a very low cost.

Customer Research

This module will teach you advance tactics to collect insights about your target customer. You’ll learn how to understand your target audience and how to position your product/ service to best meet their expectations.


As a bonus, a separate website will be purchased for every student. You’ll learn how to create a custom wordpress site where you can showcase your expertise and get new clients for your work (if you aim to work as a freelancer). This skill will also prove to be a very beneficial asset for you as a digital marketer.

SEO Tools

You'll learn how to use different SEO tools to cut short your manual effort and perform SEO tasks with minimal effort. This will enable you to invest less time and effort and earn more money.

Core Benefits

Establish Your Online Business

This module will teach you advance tactics to collect insights about your target customer. You’ll learn how to understand your target audience and how to position your product/ service to best meet their expectations.

Get a Well-Paying Job

The DigMark training is an arsenal of skills that have a huge demand in market. These skills will enable you to land high paying jobs at prestigious companies where your expertise will be valued and you’ll get the respect you deserve.

Earn Unlimited as a Freelancer

The greatest benefit of this training is that you can work from your home as freelance digital marketer. You’ll have the opportunity to work with clients all over the world and earn a flexible living depending on the amount of work you do. Most importantly, you’ll be your own boss and will have the luxury to work at your own terms.

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About us

We help ambitious individuals master the art and science of digital marketing so they can earn a comfortable living and cut short their way to success.


DigMark is a project of Webbee Inc- a digital marketing company devoted to help entrepreneurs build successful online presence. The DigMark team is a group of marketing enthusiasts led by CEO, Ahmad Ali and DOP, M. Asim Mughal, who have dedicated over 5 years to profound study and practice of advanced digital marketing tactics. They’ve worked with numerous businesses around the world and have helped them successfully generate huge profits from their digital marketing campaigns.


The expertise the founders have acquired over time has brought them a favorable amount of income and enabled them to live comfortably. However, since this skill isn’t common in Pakistan, they’ve made it their mission to pass it on to others so they can enjoy similar benefits. The DigMark training is a distillation of all the digital marketing techniques the owners have learned over the years and have used to establish successful online businesses for themselves and others. This training has been created with the intent of equipping students with advanced digital marketing skills that will enable them to land well-paying jobs/ establish their own businesses and live their lives comfortably.

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